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Re: Kernel oops with XFS and NFS

To: Dave Alden <alden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Kernel oops with XFS and NFS
From: Stephen Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Jun 2002 22:12:22 -0500
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Fri, 2002-06-21 at 13:49, Dave Alden wrote:
> Hi,
>   Sorry to follup to my own message, but I'm getting extremely desperate.
> I'm now at the point that I can't bring the system up for more than a few
> minutes before it does the oops.  I'm afraid I'm going to be forced to go
> back to EXT3, and once I go back I probably won't get the opportunity to
> try XFS again (please don't take this as a threat, it's just a plea for
> help -- I really, really, really want to stay with XFS, but with 500 users
> breaking down my door I don't know if it will be an option).  Does anyone
> have any suggestions?
> ...thnx,
> ...dave alden

Sorry for the lack of response from us, we are a bit thin on the
ground at the moment, and there are going to be less of us around
for a couple of weeks.

All I can really recommend is getting the filesystems unmounted
and running xfs_repair on them. Also while the fs is idle and
after it is clean as far as repair is concerned, try running
xfs_fsr on it. We have seen some issues with fragmented files
causing problems - however, the defragmenter seems to have
issues running whilst nfs is active - hence run it without the
filesystem being used via nfs.


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