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Kernel oops with XFS and NFS

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Subject: Kernel oops with XFS and NFS
From: Dave Alden <alden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:06:47 -0400
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  Help.  I'm having nfsd oops on my system.  I'm currently running
2.4.18-xfs-1.1, but I've tried the CVS as of about 8:30am this morning
(06/20/2002) with similar results.  I'm new to this, but from what I
gather I'm supposed to run ksymoops on the output (retrieved from
dmesg).  I've attached the output of a "ksymoops dmesg.out".  Please
help me, this system is crashing at least once a day.  This system was
totally stable for the past 4 months with 50 users (~100G), so I added
the remainder of my userbase on Tuesday (an additional 450 users, for
a total of 120G).
...dave alden

ps  I tried recompiling with the NFS server as a module, but I keep getting:

    Starting NFS daemon: nfssvc: Function not implemented  

    when I tried to start nfs (with "/etc/init.d/nfs start").  I was hoping
    maybe I'd be able to just unload and reload the module whenever it oops'ed
    instead of rebooting.  :-(

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