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scsi2ide Hardware Raid5 questions

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Subject: scsi2ide Hardware Raid5 questions
From: Christian Guggenberger <christian.guggenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 00:43:49 +0200
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx

we just bought a Infortrend IFT-6300 scsi2ide hardware Raid. It consists of 12 Maxtor 160GB drives and is connected to DualPII via an adaptec 29160 scsi controller.(32bit pci only).

I configured it as Raid5 with all 12 drives and so has a capacity of about 1650 GB.
Here my Problems start:

I tried latest 2.4-xfs cvs kernel and 2.4.19-pre8aa2.

1. aic7xxx reports a negative size of that big scsi array.
Can this message be ignored? I tried fdisk and finally got a working partition table on this device.

2. The IFT-6300 comes with no documentation about block, stride and stripe sizes.
Is it safe for me to use mkfs.xfs without any sunit and swith options?

thanks in advance

Christian Guggenberger

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