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Re: IDE write cache and journaling file systems

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Subject: Re: IDE write cache and journaling file systems
From: Nic Doye <nic@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22 Apr 2002 10:13:20 +0100
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On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 21:18, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 10:35, Mark M. Barrios wrote:
> > today I had a real powerfailure and after the box was back up again I lost 
> > all of the settings in GNOME, everything went back to its default 
> > settings, I cant say if the config files were corupted or had 0 sizes.
> > 
> > is this because these applications are not compatible with XFS? or 
> > because of my hardware? or is this a needed feature/bug fix not yet in XFS 
> > code?
> Well, it should not be a compatibility issue...  gnome seems to be
> particularly susceptible to this, it seems that our sync behavior may
> not be quite right.
> On the other hand, with a metadata journaling filesystem, there is no
> guarantee against data loss when the system crashes or is switched off. 
> We do need to be sure that we deal with it as gracefully as possible
> though, and I'll see if I can get a reproducible case going.

FWIW, my laptop loses all my gnome settings when I do a
Desktop->Logout->Shutdown via the menu panel every time.

This behaviour only started when I did a reinstall (to put an MS OS on
it too) and then lazilly set it up to have 2 XFS partitions (/boot + a
massive /) whereas previously it had my usual 8ish XFS partitions.

So my theory is that:
1) it's something to do with "it being a laptop" (slow disk/odd
2) gnome keeps files open for writing which are unnecessary
3) having a (stupidly) big partition (takes longer to sync?)

Any theories gratefully received. Any testing you want done...


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