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Re: [Announce] XFS 1.1 Prerelease 2 available for testing

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Subject: Re: [Announce] XFS 1.1 Prerelease 2 available for testing
From: Florin Andrei <florin@xxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Mar 2002 07:42:10 -0800
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On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 07:22, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Have you ever seen Linus merging something because it appeared on /. ?

Not because "it appeared on /.", but yes, i've seen him influenced by
popular beliefs, and making decisions based on popularity, and
buzzword-related reasons, not technical reasons.
ReiserFS is one example. It's been included when it was kind-of far from
being production-ready, just because media was starting to jump on Linux
and pound on it because "it didn't had a journalised filesystem".

But hey, i really appreciate ReiserFS and all that stuff. This is not a
flamewar. In fact, ReiserFS evolved a lot in terms of stability.
I'm merely pointing out that Linus is just human, not the "never-erring
god of The Book Of Technical Merits".

I repeat, this is not a FS flamewar. =) I'm not even sure Linus'
decision was wrong; it's likely it wasn't. Media is a big thing,
dammit... :-(

Florin Andrei

"Sorry judge, we would like to publish the file formats, but the data is
not stored in files. It is stored in a database that is an indivisible
part of the operating system." - a potential future Microsoft excuse

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