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Re: TAKE - reduce xfs log memory usage

To: Wessel Dankers <wsl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: TAKE - reduce xfs log memory usage
From: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 12:19:00 +0100
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At 03:00 23-3-2002 +0100, Wessel Dankers wrote:
On 2002-03-19 11:38:38-0600, Steve Lord wrote:
> each, and all log writes started 512 bytes into a page. The
> latter was one of the causes of raid5 cache thrashing, but there
> is more to do on that problem.

By the way, is XFS-on-raid5 just slow or also unstable?  I don't mind
having a slow file system while XFS and raid5 get to know each other a
little better but I would hate to see them throw around my files during
a fight :)

Just slow, it works fine here. With the newer kernel the speed should get a boost.


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it was written and another for which it wasn't
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