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Re: Compiler Issues - 1st planned as: Actual CVS and LVM-1.0.2 snapshot

To: Klaus Strebel <klaus.strebel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Compiler Issues - 1st planned as: Actual CVS and LVM-1.0.2 snapshot problem
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Feb 2002 15:53:56 -0600
Cc: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 09:54, Klaus Strebel wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> today i updated LVM-1.0.2 and my cvs tree for xfs and started playing
> around with snapshots (i'm shure it worked with a little patch for
> lvm-snap.c of lvm-1.0.1 quite some weeks ago, replacing blocks with
> iobuf->blocks in the calls for lvm_snapshot_prepare_blocks and
> __brw_kiovec for raw_read and raw_write).

> then ... i found that i compiled using gcc-2.95.2, the standard of SuSE 
> 7.3 distribution (former compiles i made with kgcc from RedHat, but a 
> month ago i removed my patched and patched kernel-tree and pulled 
> linux-2.4-xfs anew (and forgot to uncommend the line for kgcc).
> Conclusion: if you want to be sure, that all works right, compile the 
> whole stuff using kgcc resp 2.91.66 !

Just a comment here that I am currently using gcc-2.96-101 which
contains a bug fix for a compiler problem which was known to be
tripped by some xfs code. It has not failed me yet, but I am only
building for a single architecture here.


> Ciao
> Klaus
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> Klaus Strebel
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