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Problems with yesterday CVS and international characters

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Subject: Problems with yesterday CVS and international characters
From: Leandro Lucarella <leandro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:20:19 -0300 (ART)
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Hi! I'm starting to use XFS not for so long. First with kernel 2.4.14-xfs
without any problems... I have some files with international characters
(since I'm an spanish speaker) like á ( &aacute; :P ), or ñ (&ntilde;) and
so... With XFS enabled kernel 2.4.14 I have no problems with this files,
but yesterday I've tried to update to kernel 2.4.17-xfs (from XFS CVS) and
all the files that hace this characters appears with strange characters so
"ls" and other program (or maybe directly the kernel?) can't find them:
kernel 2.4.14-xfs:
  $ ls
  lo que vendrá (cd 1)
  cd lo\ que\ vendrá\ \(cd\ 1\)/
  lo que vendrá (cd 1)$ ls
  adiós nonino.mp3
kernel 2.4.17-xfs:
  $ ls
  lo que vendr? (cd 1)
  cd lo\ que\ vendrá\ \(cd\ 1\)/
  lo que vendrá (cd 1)$ ls
  ls: adiós nonino.mp3: No existe el fichero o el directorio (*)

(*) means "File or directory does not exists"

I've seen and compared both 2.4.14 and 2.4.17 kernel config files and there
are no significant defferences. I have compile Native languaje support in
both kernels (with iso8859-1 as default).
A weird thing is that kernel 2.4.17 shows the directories with
international character bad, but it find them anyway. With files, this is
not true... it can't find them.

Well I hope this information is enoght so you can help me, and if is not,
please tell me what extra information do you need...

Thanks a lot!!!

LUCA - Leandro Lucarella
MAIL: luca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HTTP: www.luca.2y.net
UIN:  2847576
JID:  luca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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