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Shrinking an XFS filesystem is a crucial feature!

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Subject: Shrinking an XFS filesystem is a crucial feature!
From: karlheg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Karl M. Hegbloom)
Date: 18 Jan 2002 15:08:23 -0800
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 I think that the ability to shrink an XFS filesystem is a crucial
 feature that really should be implemented.  I wish I was capable of
 doing so.  If I dedicated myself to just that task, I estimate it
 would be two years before I can code that.  I'm just not that good

 The other thing that XFS desparetly needs is a "fsck" or "xfs_repair"
 that can be run on a read-only mounted filesystem.

 I had visions of using XFS on LVM volumes for our product.  I would
 like to start with some default LV sizes, and have the ability to
 shrink and grow them as needed to meet individual requirements.  For
 this, I will need to use ext3fs.  (and very stable LVM; still
 learning about it.)

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