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Re: xfsdump dumps core?

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Subject: Re: xfsdump dumps core?
From: ringram@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 16:36:04 +0000
Organization: UW Math Dept/Institute for Scientific Computation
References: <Pine.LNX.4.33.0201171717350.32473-100000@burgers.bubbanfriends.org>
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Mike Burger wrote:
> Pentium II 300MHz, 256MB RAM, /home is approximately a 14GB partition, but
> with only 2.4GB used.  Running the kernel-2.4.14-SGI_XFS_1.0.2 rpm
> downloaded from SGI.
> xfsprogs-1.3.13-0, xfsdump-1.1.7-0.
> The tape drive is an HP Colorado 8GB IDE drive, being accessed via the
> ide-scsi module.
> I can "mt -f /dev/nst0 erase" without any errors.
> I'm running the following command (please note that "slide" is an sudo
> like utility), and getting the following output:
> [mburger@burgers mburger]$ slide xfsdump -m -b 4096 -o -l 0 -F -f /dev/nst0 
> /home
> xfsdump: version 3.0 - Running single-threaded
> xfsdump: WARNING: no session label specified
> xfsdump: saving user quota information for: /home
> xfsdump: WARNING: overwriting: /home/xfsdump_quotas
> xfsdump: WARNING: most recent level 0 dump was interrupted, but not
> resuming that dump since resume (-R) option not specified
> xfsdump: level 0 dump of burgers.bubbanfriends.org:/home
> xfsdump: dump date: Thu Jan 17 17:21:49 2002
> xfsdump: session id: c941cbfd-b628-403d-819d-b9f1ee1796a5
> xfsdump: session label: ""
> xfsdump: ino map phase 1: skipping (no subtrees specified)
> xfsdump: ino map phase 2: constructing initial dump list
> xfsdump: ino map phase 3: skipping (no pruning necessary)
> xfsdump: ino map phase 4: skipping (size estimated in phase 2)
> xfsdump: ino map phase 5: skipping (only one dump stream)
> xfsdump: ino map construction complete
> xfsdump: estimated dump size: 2570099456 bytes
> xfsdump: preparing drive
> xfsdump: WARNING: media may contain data. Overwrite option specified
> xfsdump: WARNING: no media label specified
> xfsdump: creating dump session media file 0 (media 0, file 0)
> xfsdump: dumping ino map
> xfsdump: drive_minrmt.c:1862: do_get_write_buf: Assertion
> `contextp->dc_nextp < contextp->dc_recendp' failed.
> Aborted (core dumped)
> I'll be more than happy to send the core file if you folks want to look at
> it.
> Thanks.
> --Mike

I had a very similar error with xfsdump with a HP Colorado 8GB
parallel tape drive that turned out to be a problem with the
driver.  Basically the weof ioctl was broken.  I don't know if
that is also your problem but the problem I posted
did at least prompt an upgrade to the xfsdump code so that it
doesn't core dump when it hits that problem.  You should
definitely upgrade.

Russel H. Ingram
Unix Systems Administrator
Institute for Scientific Computation
University of Wyoming/Math Dept.
Phone:  (307)766-6546
E-Mail: ringram@xxxxxxxx

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