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Re: Unable to get XFS, ext3, reiserfs & LVM to coexist happily

To: Adrian Head <ahead@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Unable to get XFS, ext3, reiserfs & LVM to coexist happily
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx>
Date: 04 Jan 2002 13:52:05 -0600
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Ok, I have 2.4.17-xfs (cvs checkout today) with patches from lvm-1.0.1,
applied lvm-1.0.1-2.4.17-xfs.patch then linux-2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch.

I tried creating lvm volumes & snapshots w/ an xfs filesystem.

I did run into problems (creating snapshot against my "test" volume
while it was mounted caused an oops; creating snapshot volume then
mounting test oopsed....) but eventually I got a volume mounted, and had
a snapshot volume against it.

Overflowing the snapshot behaved well:

lvm -- giving up to snapshot /dev/test/foo on /dev/test/snap: out of

I'll check out the oopses to see if I can figure out what's going on.


On Tue, 2002-01-01 at 21:51, Adrian Head wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hope everyone had a happy new year  :-)
> I'm starting to play around with LVM with the goal of having XFS, ext3, 
> reiserfs and LVM coexist nicely together.  
> Has anyone been able to get , ext3, reiserfs, XFS and LVM running nicely 
> together?  

Eric Sandeen      XFS for Linux     http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs
sandeen@xxxxxxx   SGI, Inc.

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