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Problem with XFS 1.02 / RedHat 7.2 install

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Subject: Problem with XFS 1.02 / RedHat 7.2 install
From: "Michael Mehrle" <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 23:32:41 -0800
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Hi Eric:

You already helped sombody solve a similar problem, so I thought you might be 
able to 'ease' my pain. I'm getting the same error message, but in my case it's 
with RedHat 7.2. Do you know what I need to do in order to make my RedHat disc 
1 to be properly 'flagged'. I assume it's a different file with a different 
string this time. Your help would HUGELY appreciated.



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On 05 Aug 2001 21:16:15 -0400, sgarcia@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm having some difficulty with a new install using XFS1.01 and RedHat
> 7.1.  Everything seems to go along fine until it asks for the RedHat disc
> 1.  I get a popup telling me "That's not the correct CDROM".  I've put the
> CD into another machine and confirmed that it is disc1 of the RedHat 7.1
> set.

Keith had the right idea, but the message he pointed you to was headed
for a wrong solution... if you don't have a file called ".disc1-i386" in
the root of your "Disc 1", with "986787650.210260" in that file, then
you don't have an "official" Red Hat 7.1 disc.


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