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Re: xfs root + lvm [OT?]

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Subject: Re: xfs root + lvm [OT?]
From: Rupa Schomaker <rupa-list+linux-xfs@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 13:07:28 -0800
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What distro are you using?  You need to bootstrap the LVM subsystem
before the kernel mounts root.

Depending on your distro this might be a slam dunk or a horrible pain
in the rear.

Most distros either supply the stock lvmcreate_initrd or have modified
it to work with their normal initrd process.

This creates an initrd that calls the correct commands.  If you have
other modules that need to be initialized you'll need to modify
lvmcreate_initrd to add your modules/changes to the startup script.

If you need more specific help than this general outline, let me
know.  I may be offline for a bit (new baby arriving any day now) but
will try to respond as best I can.

The key is to get the following (from my linuxrc script) to run
without errors.  This requires all .so files and other support files
to work.

=== linuxrc ===
/sbin/modprobe lvm-mod
/bin/mount /proc
/sbin/vgchange -a y
/bin/umount /proc
=== end ===

Stefano Peluchetti <pelux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It could be OT.. anyway i could'nt  find any other place to ask that .
> I want to use a root xfs partition at the top of a LV.
> I don't know if it is possible (in the only howto i have found the /boot dir 
> is outside the LV)...and i also can' t understand why i have to use the 
> lvmcrate_initrd command! If i load the lvm support  in kernel (not module!) i 
> can't see the prob. It chould be like mounting a xfs root partition (where 
> you need kernel (NOT MODULE) support).
> Or am i missing something?
> This becouse i don't like to have lot of partition! I want to have everything 
> in my LV.
> Thanks for help! :)
> Stefano

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