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Re: xfsrestore forgets to set owner/perm on .

To: "Bernhard R. Erdmann" <be@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: xfsrestore forgets to set owner/perm on .
From: ivanr@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 10:13:19 +1100
Cc: Linux XFS Mailing List <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Bernhard R. Erdmann wrote:

> > xfsrestore does not create its destination directory, it simply restores
> > the dump to the directory specified.  I don't think it is up to xfsrestore
> > to change the ownership or permissions of the owning directory -- it can't
> > assume what other uses that directory might have.
> >
> > Eg. "xfsdump - /filesystem | xfsrestore - /tmp"
> xfsrestore should ask for or have an option for it. ext2-restore and
> ufsrestore do ask.
> It's very annoying to have to remember the owner and permissions of 20
> mountpoints. Owner/perms of . (the root of the filesystem backed up) are
> part of the backup and it should be able to restore them, too.

Well, I'll give this one some thought.  I see your problem, but I don't
really want to add yet another command line option, nor do I want to add
another dialog, and I'm disinclined to let xfsrestore change ownership and
permissions on a directory it didn't create.

Perhaps what could be done is if you specify a destination directory that
does not exist, xfsrestore could create it and then assign the appropriate
ownership and permissions.  IIRC, at the moment if the destination
directory does not exist, xfsrestore just complains and exits.

Hmm, I'll have to check whether xfsdump even includes the root directory
info in the dump...


Ivan Rayner

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