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Re: compilers

To: Hristo Grigorov <Hristo.Grigorov@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: compilers
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 11:01:38 +0100
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Hristo Grigorov wrote:

On Thursday 06 December 2001 01:52, Stefan Smietanowski wrote:


This is not true. RH 7.1 gcc is not broke(as in can't compile code that
runs), but there was an update to it which fixed certain issues. You
definitely CAN compile kernels with that default gcc though that will
boot. Will you have problems? ymmv. The best course of action is to
either get gcc3, or update your current gcc from updates.redhat.com.

Gcc3 is known to NOT work with kernel.

Linux version 2.4.16-xfs (root@magdanoz) (gcc version 3.0.2 20011002 (Red
Hat Linux 7.1 3.0.1-4))

Really ? How does it happen that it works here for months already ? Not
even one single fault. And the system is not idle for sure....

It works for you, have you tried installing every single driver in the
kernel tree? You 100% sure you trust all drivers? I'm not talking about
broken code, I'm talking compiler problems. Also, how can you use 3.0.2
for months already? Was it the ISDN subsystem that didn't work with
gcc3? Something didn't work as it should. Didn't even compile but the
compiler itself died with an internal compiler fault. And lately there
has been kernel modifications to make use of gcc. XFS for one has had a
fix. (Tell me if I'm wrong here).

I sometimes use gcc3 to compile the kernel also, but that doesn't mean I
trust it on a mission-critical server.

// Stefan

You are may be right... But here I have used kernel with ISDN, XFS and SB Live!
support for some months already w/o any problems. It includes all major kernel subsystems also.
By using gcc3 I beleive I help open source community to progress ahead. If 
goes wrong I will let gcc guys know it immediatelly. Of course that's not good 
when running "mission-critical" server but I somehow also beleive that XFS will 
save my ass when needed. :)))

Sure, I know, that's the reason I use gcc3 also but it was the "stable" part I was commenting on, nothing else.

// Stefan

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