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Re: compilers

To: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: compilers
From: Hristo Grigorov <Hristo.Grigorov@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 09:48:41 +0200
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On Thursday 06 December 2001 01:52, Stefan Smietanowski wrote:
> Hi.
> >>>This is not true. RH 7.1 gcc is not broke(as in can't compile code that
> >>>runs), but there was an update to it which fixed certain issues. You
> >>>definitely CAN compile kernels with that default gcc though that will
> >>>boot. Will you have problems? ymmv. The best course of action is to
> >>>either get gcc3, or update your current gcc from updates.redhat.com.
> >>
> >>Gcc3 is known to NOT work with kernel.
> >
> > Linux version 2.4.16-xfs (root@magdanoz) (gcc version 3.0.2 20011002 (Red
> > Hat Linux 7.1 3.0.1-4))
> >
> > Really ? How does it happen that it works here for months already ? Not
> > even one single fault. And the system is not idle for sure....
> It works for you, have you tried installing every single driver in the
> kernel tree? You 100% sure you trust all drivers? I'm not talking about
> broken code, I'm talking compiler problems. Also, how can you use 3.0.2
> for months already? Was it the ISDN subsystem that didn't work with
> gcc3? Something didn't work as it should. Didn't even compile but the
> compiler itself died with an internal compiler fault. And lately there
> has been kernel modifications to make use of gcc. XFS for one has had a
> fix. (Tell me if I'm wrong here).
> I sometimes use gcc3 to compile the kernel also, but that doesn't mean I
> trust it on a mission-critical server.
> // Stefan

You are may be right... But here I have used kernel with ISDN, XFS and SB Live!
support for some months already w/o any problems. It includes all major kernel 
subsystems also. 

By using gcc3 I beleive I help open source community to progress ahead. If 
goes wrong I will let gcc guys know it immediatelly. Of course that's not good 
when running "mission-critical" server but I somehow also beleive that XFS will 
save my ass when needed. :)))

Cheers, Hristo.

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