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Problems setting ACL with setfacl

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Subject: Problems setting ACL with setfacl
From: "David Wasylciw" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 01:50:51 -0400
Importance: Normal
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Hello All,
I've recently installed kernel 2.4.16 with the latest XFS all together patch
and of course compiled in ACL support. I'm running Redhat 6.2 and have
installed all the latest acl programs and libraries but for some reason when
I attempt to add a user to the ACL list for a file I get the following
setfacl: file: Resulting ACL
`,user::rw-,user:dwasyl:rw-,mask::---,other::r--': Invalid entry type at
entry 1
This was generated with the command: setfacl -m u:dwasyl:rw testfile
I checked through the archives and saw something about perhaps needing to
have the permissions listed as rw- but that did not seem to help and
generated the exact same error.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could help point me in the right
direction and if any more information is needed just let me know.


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