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RE: Patching 2.4.14 with ext3 and xfs?

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Subject: RE: Patching 2.4.14 with ext3 and xfs?
From: Vernon Fort <vfort@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 18:19:21 -0600
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After researching on "how-to-patch" ext3 and xfs, I have been enlightened on
the current status of ext3.  Am I correct in stating it is still in beta (so
to speak) and considered "Experimental" in the linux-2.4.15 kernel.  From
what I have read, there are a few issues (stability wise) with ext3 so maybe
it's not such a good idea using this file system.  I admit I am no expert
but I usually stick with software that works, works well and integrates with
ease.  I have successfully compiled the 2.4.13 kernel with xfs and jfs and
created partitions on the same server using ext2, reiserfs, jfs and xfs (I
know - it sounds silly but I was testing).

  My whole intension was to see if I could use ext3 (I prefer the RedHat
distribution of Linux) as the base file system of /, /usr, /var and use
either reiserfs or xfs ( I'm leaning towards xfs) for a very large samba
share.  I like the ACL stuff in the xfs.  I have used ext3 on a
semi-production server running as a mail hub and have noticed some very odd
errors reported from the MTA ( locking and file system full when its not).

  I have used xfs over the past 3-4 months and it's noticeable faster then
reiserfs in some applications, GREAT SOFTWARE!!!!.  My real question is I'm
and thinking of using the ext2 file system for / and /usr (primarily for
recovery reasons and it a standard and proven file system) and xfs for
everything else - OR - should I use xfs for everything.  Any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated!

Vernon Fort

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From: Craig Tierney [mailto:ctierney@xxxxxxxx]
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To: Vernon Fort
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Subject: Re: Patching 2.4.14 with ext3 and xfs?

You should send the last part of the output from
compiling.  That could help.

You should be able to apply the xfs and then the ext3
patch.  However, the ext3 patch is going to fail because
of a problem in include/fs.h.  All ext3 is trying to
do is add an entry to a structure so you can do that
by hand (see include/fs.h.rej).

Finally, you will get failures due to duplicates in
kernel/ksyms.h  (it may be ksyms.c).  What ever the
linker complains about, remove those entries from

If you download the latest xfs kernel source
from cvs it already has ext3 include so there isn't
any problem with patching.


On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 10:28:01AM -0600, Vernon Fort wrote:
> hello,
>   I have read some threads on how to do this, but I can't get the thing to
> compile.
>       1.  What order to I apply the patches.
>       2.  What exactly do I need to remove (EXTERNAL...) and when.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
> Vernon Fort

Craig Tierney (ctierney@xxxxxxxx)

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