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Re: Upgrading RH7.1 XFS 1.0.1 to XFS 1.0.2

To: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Upgrading RH7.1 XFS 1.0.1 to XFS 1.0.2
From: werner maes <werner.maes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:07:00 +0100
Cc: <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx

I managed to do the upgrade using the new version of filesystem. I did not first this version first because it was in the "noarch" directory in which I had not looked.

Seems to work fine now,


At 09:43 19/11/2001, Eric Sandeen wrote:
Hi again Werner -

Ok, after a little investigation, those extra dependencies were picked up
because the 2.4.9-12SGI_XFS_1.0.2 RPMs were built on a 7.2 system.  :/
I'll see if I can find time to re-do it on a 7.1 system, but in the
meantime, I think ignoring dependencies will be ok, or you could rebuild
the SRPM on your system.

Sorry for the trouble,


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