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Re: process hanging

To: Mihai RUSU <dizzy@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: process hanging
From: Stephen Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 06:25:55 -0600
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Mihai RUSU wrote:

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, Keith Owens wrote:

if i try to use sysrq+s (for emergency sync) it starts sync-ing on other
partitions but the syncing process hangs on the XFS partition

That points to (but does not guarantee) a problem in XFS code.

The first step is to ensure that kdb is compiled in and is active, the
boot messages must say "kdb version 1.9 by Scott Lurndal, Keith Owens".
Also ensure that you compiled and booted with a serial console
(see Documentation/serial-console.txt).  Capture the output via the
serial console, using whichever comms program you prefer.

When the problem occurs, drop into kdb, using Pause on the normal
keyboard or control-A on the serial console (note: a program such as
getty must be reading from the serial console).  Identify the process
that is stuck in D state and do 'btp <process-id>'.  That will identify
where the process is hung, it is probably waiting on a lock.

If you can, do 'bta' and capture all the output but do not send it yet.
Send the btp output, that will help us identify the problem.  The bta
output may be requried to find out why the task is not moving.

If you are new to kdb, see Documentation/kdb, it contains several man


thanks for help here its (pretty obvious :) )

 EBP EIP Function(args)
0xc01c12f5 xfs_write+0x175 (0xc748ebf0, 0xe90f7f7c, 0x0, 0x0,0x0)
                              kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc01c1180 0xc01c17b0
0xc01bc75e linvfs_write+0x10a (0xf42f4320, 0xbfffe0ac, 0x67,0xf42f4340)
                              kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc01bc654 0xc01bc798
0xc013211b sys_write+0x8f (0x3, 0xbfffe0ac, 0x67, 0xbfffe8ac, 0xbfffe114)
                              kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc013208c 0xc0132150
0xc0106dbb system_call+0x33
                              kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0106d88 0xc0106dc0

Ah ha, update your code, or turn off the DMAPI build option, there was a bug in write
in some DMAPI code, it is fixed now.


Mihai RUSU
"... and what if this is as good as it gets ?"

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