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Re: Q: Filesystem block sizes available?

To: "D. Stimits" <stimits@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Q: Filesystem block sizes available?
From: Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk <roy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 18:47:48 +0100 (CET)
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> I always use SCSI systems that allow combined writes. But the original
> post said the drives were U160 scsi; I didn't catch whether this was
> software RAID or using a hardware controller, but I think it said
> hardware controller. So that leads to the question of whether the
> hardware controller is able to spread out reads or writes. (my systems
> were also all SMP, which might matter, but the 30 MB/sec spec on single
> drives I mentioned is non-RAID with an intelligent hot swap backplane)

I've been trying both hw and sw raid. Now, I've got a new controller
giving me 60MB/sec from a software RAID-0. I haven't tried hw RAID on the
new controller yet, but I will.

The system is a Compaq ProLiant DL380: 3-peer PCI system with 1GBps memory
bus, 1,2GB RAM, 2xPIII1266 and a nice steel-gray 2U-case.

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk, MCSE, MCNE, CLS, LCA

Computers are like air conditioners.
They stop working when you open Windows.

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