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so something like DD on an unmounted volume wouldn't work?

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> Hi, Guys,
> This Q-A is got from
> http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/faq.html#backingupxfs. But how to make
> xfsdump work with amanda? I want to backup ACLs. Canany gurus 
> answer me,
> thanks in advance.
> Q: How can I backup an XFS filesystem and acls? 
> You can backup a XFS filesystem with utilities like xfsdump 
> and standard
> tar for standard files. If you want to backup acls you will 
> need to use
> xfsdump. This is the only tool at the moment that supports 
> backing up of
> acls. Support for XFS and acls is underway at several 
> commercial backup
> tools. xfsdump can be made to work with amanda. 
> Juer

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