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Re: Questions on XFS Testing

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Subject: Re: Questions on XFS Testing
From: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 07:35:53 +0100
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At 11:47 13-11-2001 +0800, Xie, May wrote:

It assumes xfs release 1.0 will be used in our product ( I definitely need the old release for redhat7.1 kernel 2.4.2, no other choice). You must have done a lot of testing before announcing the release. I am planning the testing for xfs in product environment. I have some questions about xfs testing. See below:

Do use the updated 2.4.9 kernel for the security updates. If you also fetch the latest command rpms you would have a completely up to date system.

1. What does xfstests cover? I only see xfscrash and some other test cases, such as fsstress. Does it cover all the functionality and stress testing? I guess not.

Almost all the functionality is tested such as the ACL and quota support. And formatting filesystems with all available options, the xfs dump and restore utililties etc.

So what else you used for testing of the specific features for journaling file system as well as a basic file system functionality. Such as reliable fault recovery, scalibility (large file sizes, large partitions, large number of files), commit...

Testing all the userspace utilities that come with XFS to make sure they still work.

2. Did you do reliability testing? What test cases used for it? Where can I get them?

The XFS QA suite is available by cheking out the linux-2.4-xfs tree from CVS. They are in this tree so you can run them yourself if you want to.

3. What suggestions you can give me on my testing? Such as what kind of testing is my focus?

Focus on what are going to use the machine for in production. That will get you the results you want most of the time.

is functional testing ( basic file system functionlity + journaling funtionality) necessary? Or do I just focus on performance and reliabilty testing or something else?

XFS has already proven stable and fast for me in the past and since all functionality is already there you should test for reliability and performance.

4. Is xfs release 1.0 work with LVM?

Yes, the newer updated kernel use a 1.0.1rc4 I believe while the original 2.4.2 used a 0.9.6 AFAIK

5. Do you have Regression Test System(RTS) test suite, I know it from XFS Linux Quality Assurance page. Where can I get them?

It is in the XFS CVS tree.

6. Is there any major problem with xfs release 1.0?

Much bugs have been fixed since then. I recommend installing the 2.4.9 kernel which is currently in the testing directory on the ftp site ftp://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/download/testing/
Make sure you also fetch the latest cmd rpms or build your own from the CVS tree.


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