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Re: FAQ update

To: Harri Haataja <harri.haataja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: FAQ update
From: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 20:20:36 +0100
Cc: xfs <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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At 21:06 28-10-2001 +0200, Harri Haataja wrote:
I haven't seen either, but I did recenly get new kernel rpms (2.4.9)
from the testing dir in ftp. Now the 3d GL apps (for example gliv still
works) all seem to not work.

This probably has to do with the arrival of Xf 4.1 in 2.4.7

Is that an XF4.1 thing (something I heard, does RH7.2 have DRI?) or is
the driver (Ati Rage Fury) broken?

Nope it is selected at compile time for 4.0 or 4.1

Eric can you check if the new RPMS are compiled for 4.0.x since this would break backwards compatibility for people updating their configs.

Was nice seeing ext3 included, though. I need that somewhere.

Compatibility reasons I asume.

And to stay remotely on-topic, I don't think daily rpms are quite needed
unless you want to roll out CVS as rpms (for XFS part) but they stayed
in 2.4.5 for ages (or were well-hidden).

Because off the security updates that were released for 7.1 they are in the process of building and testing a new kernel which is released as a update for customers.

On a side note to the other developers:
How is IA64 coming along. SGI anounced their systems quite some time ago.
Would it be feasible to combine 7.2 and ia64 and xfs? (smoking pot, I know)


Every program has two purposes one for which
it was written and another for which it wasn't
I use the last kind.

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