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Cannot mount IRIX cdroms using XFS on Linux

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Subject: Cannot mount IRIX cdroms using XFS on Linux
From: Jason Spence <thalakan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 05:23:46 -0700
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So I just got an Indy and an Indigo 2 as payment for some work I did.
What fun!  They're nice hardware, I really like them.  I like them so
much that I want to get IRIX installed on the Indigo 2 so I can play
around with OpenGL some.  IRIX already works great on the Indy :)

So I get XFS working on my Linux machine[1], and try to mount the IRIX
dist cdroms.  Hmm, they don't mount.  The kernel doesn't even
recognize /dev/hdd1 as a device (fdisk can parse the partition table,
though).  The kernel has SGI partition table support, right?  Yeah, I
can mount the IRIX drive from the Indy.  So lessee here, the sgi
partition tables are read by a function called sgi_partition in
fs/partitions/sgi.c, and that's... hmm, what's this?:


   215          /*
   216           * This is a kludge to allow the partition check to be
   217           * skipped for specific drives (e.g. IDE CD-ROM drives)
   218           */
   219          if ((int)first_sector == -1) {
   220                  hd->part[MINOR(dev)].start_sect = 0;
   221                  return;
   222          }

Well, if I comment that out, it still doesn't read the partition table
on the IRIX cdrom.  Does anyone have any ideas?

[1] Hint to Debian users: the xfs patches from SGI don't apply to the
kernel-source Debian packages cleanly.  But the official kernel
tarballs can't boot from cramfs initrds.  You need to get the cramfs
initrd patch for your system to boot.  And don't forget
ramdisk_blocksize=4096 in your kernel parameters.

 - Jason

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance.

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