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Re: [slightly OT] replicated installs of XFS

To: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [slightly OT] replicated installs of XFS
From: Walt H <waltabbyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 07:30:24 -0700
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If it does a decent enough job of making (basic) images, it should work on disk replication for workstation installs no? I'm thinking of using it to setup a workstation as we would completely for a desktop and then image it off for dupes to additional stations. These will be fairly basic setups so I'm hoping it can do the job for me. One plus, is where I work, we use a mix of Macs, Windows 2000 and some Linux boxes (thanks to yours truly) for some server tasks. Again, haven't tried it, but from the web page it sounds like it's just what I need.


Seth Mos wrote:

At 17:40 16-10-2001 -0700, Walt H wrote:


I haven't tried it personally, though will soon enough, but you might want to check out Partition Image for linux - http://www.partimage.org

Seems to be like a Norton Ghost type program for linux that supports many filesystems including XFS. Sounds pretty neat.

It works OK but it lacks drivers like raid and some scsi controllers.


Thomas Duffy wrote:

I was wondering if anybody had any luck with tools to do automated
custom installs of systems with XFS filesystems.  The choices I have
seen all don't meet all of our needs...
1) Norton Ghost - does not support XFS
2) Systemimager - does not support XFS out of box.  apparently Austin
Gonyou has got it to work
so I might be able to replicate this...
3) RedHat kickstart - does not allow customization of installed disk
(ie, Ximian, extra software, config files).
4) some hack with tftpboot, nfsroot, xfsdump/restore - ugly and hard to
any others? any successes?

Every program has two purposes one for which
it was written and another for which it wasn't
I use the last kind.

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