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Re: FS Steves [Totally OT]

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Subject: Re: FS Steves [Totally OT]
From: Derek Glidden <dglidden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 14:19:58 -0400
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Steve Lord wrote:
> > So who's the best filesystem Steve, Best or Lord?  Best implies being
> > the best, but it's hard to be better than a Lord I would imagine.
> >
> > I know it's just coincidence but I always get a chuckle about the
> > implications of these two Steves' names.  :)
> But no one escapes from Tweedies chicken farm!
> Lets see if someone can get that reference ;-)

I might have had to think about that except our local public TV station
just played a fantastic mini-documentary about Nick Park and Aardman

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