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XFS, Quotas and Samba

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Subject: XFS, Quotas and Samba
From: "Giddings, Bret" <bret@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:57:39 +0100
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
I am investigating whether I can replace my expensive Compaq Alphas file
servers with cheaper (and invariably faster given my budget) Intel based
ones. I have so far been pleased with the ease with which xfs has installed
and run on my hardware of choice. To make my life easier, I have picked up
the pre-built RedHat kernels with xfs support. Everything appears to be fine
except that when connecting to a share from Samba, the amount of free space
reported is the amount of free disk space left on the device rather than the
amount of free space in the users quota (this is on a disk mounted with
usrquota and a quota set for the users). The usual tools (edquota, setquota
work as expected).

I have downloaded the source rpm for samba and it appears that RedHat build
their smbd to support quotas. I have also checked whether
/usr/include/sys/quota.h is modified by installing your updated quota rpm
(quota-3.01pre8) and it isn't. So, is there another reason why quotas don't
appear to work with xfs/samba?

Thanks in advance,

Bret Giddings, Systems Manager, Computing Service, University of Essex
Tel: (01206) 872577     Email: bret@xxxxxxxxxxx      Fax: (01206) 860585

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