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RE: LVM 1.0 is released

To: "'Martin K. Petersen'" <mkp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: LVM 1.0 is released
From: "Gonyou, Austin" <austin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:40:49 -0500
Cc: Fang Han <dfbb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Yeah. I experienced this first hand. I upgraded LVM, and then I couldn't use
my XFS filesystems that were on the LV's anymore. I reformatted them, and
all was fine. Good thing it wasn't production. 

Austin Gonyou
Systems Architect, CCNA
Coremetrics, Inc.
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> From: Martin K. Petersen [mailto:mkp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 8:36 AM
> To: Eric Sandeen
> Cc: Fang Han; linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: LVM 1.0 is released
> >>>>> "Eric" == Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx> writes:
> >> Hi, LVM 1.0 is announced, When XFS cvs tree will upgrade to that
> >> version?
> Eric> "When it's ready.(tm)" :-) Martin says he's working on it, (or
> Eric> will be soon.)
> Yep.  Since the LVM folks didn't provide a migration path (*sigh*) I
> need that in place first, though.  I don't want to cut off the users
> out there with existing installations.
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