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Re: corrupt inode

To: Federico Sevilla III <jijo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Linux XFS Mailing List <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: corrupt inode
From: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 08:42:14 +0200
Cc: Linux 3Ware Support <linux@xxxxxxxxx>
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At 14:13 6-8-2001 +0800, Federico Sevilla III wrote:
Hi everyone,

Today's my "ghost in the machine" day.

First one of the drives in my four-disk RAID5 fails. So far the three are
okay so I'm surviving. I'm using a 3ware Escalade 6400 controller with:

 o Montior version ME6X
 o Firmware version FE6X
 o BIOS version BE6X

AFAIK this doesn't have that RAID5 degraded problem. I'm using Linux
kernel 2.4.7 with XFS. I got the following error:

Someone else on the list could produce corruption when the power of the drive went and you had a raid5 volume. Although that was a 6800. I don't know if the person is lurking around on the list.

Below is his mail.

FWIW, I got really good at reliably corrupting my data with the 3ware 6800
card and RAID5: just turn off a drive while it was writing.  Bad things
happened.  I've been testing 3 7810 cards they lent to me a couple weeks
ago, and I haven't had a problem yet (after ~10TB write/reads and ~12
simulated drive failures under a variety of high and low I/O and CPU duty


Dan Yocum

He can be reached at yocum@xxxxxxxx

Aug 6 14:05:18 gusi kernel: cmn_err level 4 Filesystem "sd(8,11)": corrupt inode 21967679 (btree). Unmount and run xfs_repair.

You can see a oops comming when your file system shutsdown ;)

It's the middle of the day and everyone's working but I told them all to
shut down. I'm sending this message then I'm unmounting and running
xfs_repair. I've got my fingers crossed. I hope nothing will mess up. I
hope to be able to get back to the list about this after.

Good Luck!

 --> Jijo

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