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Re: Exim and XFS filesystem

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Subject: Re: Exim and XFS filesystem
From: thomas graichen <list-linux.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:57:06 +0200
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Reply-to: thomas graichen <tgr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Theo E. Schlossnagle" wrote:

>> Exim v3.14,v3.22,v3.33 and Linux 2.4.2-xfs.  The xfs parition in question is
>> running atop a RAID-1 md device on two 9GB scsi drives.

>> It looked as if the kernel had a thread stuck writing to or reading from the
>> filesystem journal.  If anyone knows a solution to this problem, I am all
>> ears.  Otherwise, steer clear of running you Exim spools on xfs.

> My first suggestion would be to upgrade to XFS-1.0.1 if possible,
> 2.4.2/XFS-1.0 is a bit old, and several fixes went into 1.0.1  1.0.1 is
> available as a patch against vanilla 2.4.5, or coupled with Red Hat's
> 2.4.3 kernel release for RH Linux 7.1.

and if it still happens then i think it would be a good idea to
setup a serial console and enable kdb - you should be able to
break into the debugger then this happens and give more
detailed information about the state ... other might
describe what exactly to do then better ...


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