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Problems with mkfs.xfs

To: XFS list <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Problems with mkfs.xfs
From: Detlef Vollmann <dv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 02:37:22 +0000
Organization: vollmann engineering gmbh
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
On writing a small testsuite for a simple utility, I hit
several problems with mkfs.xfs (1.2.0):

Minor problem: syntax
mkfs.xfs does not conform to the mkfs syntax (at least not to
the one described in mkfs(8) on Linux and which I know since
more than 15 years now :-}
  mkfs -t xfs /dev/xxx 1234
produces just an error message on the size parameter :-(

Bigger problem: semantics
In the native mkfs.xfs option list, I found nothing that resembles
the size parameter of the original mkfs command.  I had to do
some computations and give size parameters for the different
parts (data and logging).

Real problem: size itself
I tried to create an xfs filesystem on a 4MB ramdisk (/dev/ram0),
but I found no combination of option that succeeded.
Did I not try hard enouh or is the lower limit for xfs size
larger than 4MB?


Detlef Vollmann
vollmann engineering gmbh           Tel: +41-41-4120911
P.O. Box 5106                       Fax: +41-41-4120912
CH-6000 Luzern 5 / Switzerland      eMail: dv@xxxxxxxxxxx

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