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RE: FW: log mount/recovery failed

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Subject: RE: FW: log mount/recovery failed
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:54:12 -0400
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I this VG is a single disk, and the lv uses all PE's in the VG.

I am running RAID5 root FS, so the RAID code is active, just not for
this filesystem.

I'm going to try xfs_repair and will report how I get on.


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Subject: Re: FW: log mount/recovery failed 

> I'd have to hand this off to someone else on the list at this point - 
> I don't have time to follow though. But I can refer you to a comment 
> from
> Steve:
> lord@xxxxxxx said:
> => There is definitely a problem with the log on raid5 right now, we 
> did => not change anything on our end, so it looks like the underlying

> code => may have broken things. We are looking into this. As for 
> performance, => the
> Are you using raid5? if so, this might explain it. If not, it might 
> anyway. I've never seen this kind of symptom before.

>From the device I assumed this to be lvm, so the raid5 thing does not
apply here.


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