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Re: XFS vs. JFS

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Subject: Re: XFS vs. JFS
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Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 21:52:36 +0200
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* Keith Matthews (keith_m@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [20010701 19:33]:

> The IBM guy was not aware of the OS/2 origin of Linux JFS, but I
> had heard of it from other sources (I had also heard that
> someone has back-ported the Linux version to OS/2 and come up
> with a better product than the original OS/2 one !!).

I have talked with Steve Best and the AlinkA people couple of
months ago to clarify the origin of JFS for Linux.  Steve said
that JFS for Linux was a direct port of OS/2 JFS which had been a
project from scratch starting in 1995---it has no relations to the
over 10 years old AIX JFS codebase.  However, this new JFS
codebase is expected to appear in IBM's AIX 5L product line as


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