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Re: xfs bug ?

To: matt@xxxxxx
Subject: Re: xfs bug ?
From: Simon Matter <simon.matter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:29:34 +0200
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"Mathew A. Chrystal" schrieb:
> Hi:
> I have been installing redhat 7.1 with the sgi-installer iso. After
> installation is complete and the machine boots for the first time
> everything is fine. When you reboot the second time thes messages start
> appearing:
> ...
> checking hardware
> touch creating '/var/lock/subsys/kudzu': unknown error 990
> ...
> ..
> bringing up interface eth0
> touch creating '/var/lock/subsys/network': unknown error 990
> starting system logger..
> there seems to be something wrong with the /var/lock/subsys directory.
> if you go into the subsys directory and try to make the files you get
> the same error 990 message.
> i will attach the dmesg and output from an ls on the subsys directory.
> ps. I am using a kickstart install and /var has its own partition.
> also if i umount the /var partition and run xfs_repair it fixes the
> problem.
> Matt Chrystal
> University of Notre Dame
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I was having filesystem corruption on DELL Precision WS when using
more than one disk, no matter whether in RAID configuration or
just mounting different partitions on both disks.
Can you try two things:

1) What does rpm -Va say. Do you see lot of corrupt files?
2) Can you remove the second drive and install on just the
first drive?


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