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Re: Filesystem conversion

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Subject: Re: Filesystem conversion
From: Timothy Ball <timball@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 09:53:44 -0400
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On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 01:34:00PM +0200, Seth Mos wrote:
> Boot single user
> dump.static -0 -a -f /mnt/hde/var.dump /var
> umount /var
> mkfs.xfs -l size=32768b -f /dev/sda7
> vi /etc/fstab (change fstype)
> mount /var
> cd /var
> restore.static -rf /mnt/hde/var.dump

I've written some shell scripts ment to be run as a single user that
already do this. They're available at www.tux.org/~timball/. It uses
spare space on another device and a loopback to do the dump and

course I'm using cp -dRp or some flags like that... what's the benifits
of using dump?


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