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3ware and AMI raids

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Subject: 3ware and AMI raids
From: ron mckelvey <ronzo_list@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 20:01:52 -0700 (PDT)
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I've been playing with XFS for a little while, been
running it at home on my dually box (833hz p3's), with
the 8 channel 3ware 6800 card. The performance is

I'm booting off an adaptec 2940uw and IBM scsi drive
(couldn't make my tape drive work with booting off the
3ware card) and using the 3ware as 8 x 60gig, = 220gig
raid 10. I put XFS on the 220gig partition and it's
been sweet. Haven't had any problems yet....

At the office I took my ftp server, dually P3's,
1ghz,514m, and AMI 1600 enterprise controller. The
first channel is 7x36gig drives on a RAID 5, booting
off ext2 with a 200gig (/u) XFS partition. Channels
2+3 are external cabinets with 7x36 drives also. Both
are just one big XFS partition. 

On this box I move alot of data around, and I hope to
give XFS a good testing. (before attempting to use it
with Oracle) It's only been up and running a short
time, I just recently rebuilt the box with RH 7.1,
using XFS patch 2.4.2. (The 3ware box is same build)

I'm about to switch the main mp3 server over to XFS
also, 3ware 8x80gig's=300gig raid 10..

I've crashed the boxes on numerous occasions and have
yet to do anything other then boot them up....


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