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RE: Interest from the FreeBSD camp

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Subject: RE: Interest from the FreeBSD camp
From: "Juha Saarinen" <juha@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:12:26 +1200
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I'm terribly sorry, I only meant to ask what I thought was a perfectly
simple question about XFS and FreeBSD... I didn't meant for this thread
to turn into a licensing flame-fest.

:: What are you talking about?
:: What you are saying all of the non  GPL'ed linux kernel 
:: modules are in
:: violation of  the GPL?!
:: Guess somebody better stick some lawyers  on Nvidia.
:: Ohh and explain this problem to Linus also.

Well, nVidia's kernel drivers/modules are only partly GPL, right?
There's a binary component with code from SGI (correct me if I'm wrong)
and others, that isn't GPL.



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