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Re: XFS 1.0/Quota

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Subject: Re: XFS 1.0/Quota
From: "Nathan Scott" <nathans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:44:11 -0500
Cc: Fermin Molina <fermin@xxxxxxxxxx>, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: marchuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Re: XFS 1.0/Quota" (May 10, 9:11am)
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hi there,

On May 10,  9:11am, marchuk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Subject: Re: XFS 1.0/Quota
> I've recompiled kernel, this time making sure XFS quota is selected.  When
> the machine starts up it does say "XFS doing quotacheck.. Please wait."  I

Well, at least we know for sure quota are enabled now. ;-)

> wait 5 minutes or so and then the machine freezes (by freezing I mean no
> more hard drive activity and machine does not respond).  
> I booted into a single user mode.  did a mount -a, got the "doing
> quotacheck... Please wait."  After awhile I get a funny error "Run out of
> memory.. Cancelling processs (sh)"  The error is not in exact words but
> something like that.  

Can you capture some output & send to me (offlist, it'll
probably amount to alot of data):

- cat /proc/meminfo
- "quot -ug" on the filesystem (mounted without quota
option(s) obviously);
- xqmstats, before & during the quotacheck if possible;
- cat /proc/slabinfo, also before & during if possible;

Also, are you enabling both user and group quota on this
filesystem?  That would likely increase the dquot memory
pressure - still shouldn't fail, but could try just one
or the other & see if that helps (or one at a time might
work as a temporary workaround, to reduce the number of
incore dquots required during quotacheck).

> The machine has 256MB memory with 658MB disk cache. The xfs filesystem is
> a hardware raid with 8 disks totalling 350MB.  Does anyone have experience
That doesn't sound right - did you mean 350GB?  During a
quotacheck its shouldn't be the size of the filesystem
that matters, but the number of unique uids/gids in use,
as each of these must map to a unique incore dquot (hmm -
which has just tickled a distant memory & I may know what
the problem is... I need to think about it a bit though,
and I'll need to see your data from above to confirm).

> running xfs on large partitions?  

This is largely based on the IRIX/XFS quota implementation,
so I'd imagine something has been lost in the translation to
Linux (my bad).  IRIX quota works with enormous filesystems,
so large should be easy.  :^)



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