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Re: XFS question

To: Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS question
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 19:26:06 -0500
Cc: Rahul Jain <rahul@xxxxxxxx>, linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Russell Cattelan wrote:
> Rahul Jain wrote:
> > On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 05:40:40PM -0400, Castellanos, Leon wrote:
> > > First, I would like to know
> > > why it is that xfs doesn't like to be mounted "ro" read-only. I didn't 
> > > find
> > > anyone addressing this issue and had to figure out on my own to change the
> > > /etc/lilo.conf entry "read-only" to "read-write".
> Hmm never tried that... guess we'll have to look at that.

I don't think there's really a problem here - a warning is generated,
but I think it's just saying "hey, you wanted read only, but I'm going
to be read-write for a minute so I can play the log"

I have read-only specified in lilo on my xfs-only box, and while I see
this warning, everything works fine.  Mounting a filesystem read-only on
the running system also behaves as expected.


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