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Re: Errr... what's all this about then?

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Subject: Re: Errr... what's all this about then?
From: Bruce Tenison <btenison@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 23:40:08 -0500 (CDT)
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I've had similar problems here.  I have a Fujitsu 18Gig IDE drive that has
two partitions on it (both XFS, one mounted ro and the other is my root
partition)  Anyway, I just updated to the latest cvs copy of 2.4.4-xfs,
recompiled.  I booted the machine with the XFS root (clean, as reported
from xfs_check prior to booting with it being the root), after it
completed booting, immediately shutdown, and rebooted with another HD as
root, and ran xfs_check and xfs_repair on the, now corrupted XFS root.
The outputs of check and repair utils is included below, so you can see
what's happening.  Very similar problems, mostly in the pid files here

Anything I can to to help diagnose the problem on my end here?

> I made today a fresh installation on one system (sgi XFS 1.0 install CD).
> I just tried the gcc-2.96-81 for kernel again. I got an "Unknown Error 990"
> and boot failed because /var/run was corrupted and umounting my nfs mounted
> /home failed. I booted the install CD in rescue mode and run xfs_check and
> xfs_repair. There were a lot of errors and about 20 files linkt to
> lost+found. They are mostly PID files from /var/run/.
> I installed the redhat 7.0 kgcc an recompiled the kernel (same source). No
> problemes with it. The source is from cvs about 4 hours ago.
> Maybe it is an compiler issue.
> utz

Bruce Tenison

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