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Re: Mount options

To: Tom Carroll <tcarroll@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Mount options
From: "Martin K. Petersen" <mkp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 May 2001 16:00:09 -0400
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>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Carroll <tcarroll@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Tom> I have a small problem: When I mount xfs filesystems, I cannot
Tom> specify any xfs specific options (kio,biosize)

FWIW, kio is deprecated.

Tom> I must issue a remount to modify xfs specific options.  Is there
Tom> a way around this?

(root@hammond) /# mount -t xfs -o biosize=13 /dev/sda8 /mnt
(root@hammond) /# mount | grep mnt
/dev/sda8 on /mnt type xfs (rw,biosize=13)

Works for me.

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