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RE: Path failover with xfs on linux

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Subject: RE: Path failover with xfs on linux
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Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 18:11:56 -0400
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RedHat 7.1 has a multipath block driver that has worked well in our testing.  
We put XFS on top.  

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Subject: Re: Path failover with xfs on linux 

> Hi,
> I m looking for a path failover software solution to secure acces from Red
> Hat 7.x server to an external Raid Storage Subsystem.
> I ve seen that there is not XLV on XFS for Linux, but is there a failover
> possibility without XLV ?
> Thanks
> Phil

This question might be better directed at the linux kernel list, hardware
failover is usually invisible to the filesystem, being handled at the
block layer. SGI does have ports of some of the Irix SCSI code which
includes failover capability for certain device types, but I cannot
say when or how this would be available.


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