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Re: Some questions.

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Subject: Re: Some questions.
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Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 18:59:31 +0200
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Le 13/05/2001 à 11:45 Eric Sandeen a écrit :
>> what exactely does the kernel do when it says the recovery thing ?
>It re-plays the log to commit transactions which were still in the log
>when your power failed.
but how can we know what was done good or bad ?

>> why a ext2-fs warning ?
>Not sure - do you have ANY ext2 filesystems on this box?
ok i'm stupid, i have my old linux partition on ext2
i didn't remember that this partition was in the /etc/fstab
>> on the future release of xfs, when will we have to do a new mkfs.xfs ?
>> or only a kernel release ?
>The on-disk format is fixed (it's been around for years on Irix), so you
>won't need to re-make any existing XFS filesystems you have, even on new
>releases of XFS.
ok good news.
has it happened once on irix since the beginning ?

now it's time on tuning my system...
any suggestion ?

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