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Concerning RH 7.1, chkconfig and services

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Subject: Concerning RH 7.1, chkconfig and services
From: Caleb "J." Land <bokonon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 03 May 2001 17:48:05 -0400
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
    I installed SGI RH 7.1 test 2 some while ago, and noticed that
    several (~ 19) scripts in /etc/init.d have the line:

    chkconfig: - <some numbers> <some numbers>

    which means that if one does a chkconfig --add <service> the service
    gets disabled in all runlevels.  I would like to run amd and smb, so
    I manually changed the startup runlevels, but would like to know why
    the others are disabled in this manner?

    I asked someone on IRC who is running RH 7.1 stock, and he didn't
    seem to have this problem, so my next guess is that it's either my
    fault (most likely), an sgi rh 7.1 (test2 or other) thing, OR it's
    supposed to be like that, and there is another way of making the
    services start up at boot time.

    I'm going to install RH 7.1 XFS 1.0 on my home file server, so it's
    more of an issue there where I run more server processes.

    Just wondering

Caleb Land

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