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XFS question

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Subject: XFS question
From: "Castellanos, Leon" <lcastellanos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 17:40:40 -0400
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx

First I wanted to thank you for the effort you put in to contribute this
great part of your technology to the open source community and specially to

I just converted all my file systems to xfs and have a few questions to
which I did not find answers to in the website. First, I would like to know
why it is that xfs doesn't like to be mounted "ro" read-only. I didn't find
anyone addressing this issue and had to figure out on my own to change the
/etc/lilo.conf entry "read-only" to "read-write".
Second, how can I get by the problem of xfs doing its job too well :) and
leaving pid files and caches? I pulled the power cord out of my box to test
the xfs journaling and several things didn't work out well when the system
came back up: sysklogd didn't start up because it found its old pid file and
thought it was still running and also my enlightenment window-manager
configuration was totally purged. I had to rearrange my entire start-up
setup (location of apps that run on startup, etc). Are there any flags to
pass to mount in order to fix these problems?

Thank you again for the great work, I hope to see more OSS from sgi.
Maybe an open-source version of Maya Unlimited :) or free... don't have 15k
to dish out unfortunately :(

Leon F. Castellanos

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