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Re: XFS on LVM

To: Ric Tibbetts <ric@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS on LVM
From: "Martin K. Petersen" <mkp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 Apr 2001 07:09:15 -0400
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>>>>> "Ric" == Ric Tibbetts <ric@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Ric> PS: You guys may want to change the documentation that's on your
Ric> web site. In the FAQ, it addresses the issue of XFS on LVM, and
Ric> recomends applying the LVM patch. Since it obviously causes
Ric> breakage (at least for the recent kernel) maybe you should
Ric> indicate that. I might save someone else some hassle.

The LVM and RAID sections of the FAQ are quite out of sync with our
current bits, I'm afraid.

Thomas, are you out there?

Martin K. Petersen, Principal Linux Consultant, Linuxcare, Inc.
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