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XFS-RH7.1 Installer

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Subject: XFS-RH7.1 Installer
From: "Michael Burger" <mburger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 23:36:22 -0400
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Well, I'm happy to say that I now have the latest RedHat/XFS combo
running on my system.

I'm unhappy to report, however, that my initial attempt to install
this set, via upgrade from the previous install consisting of XFS and
Wolverine, was only partially successful.

The system installed, and booted, but Gnome would not start...rather,
X would not start.  Somehow, the install managed to bollux up my
existing X/Gnome install, with the NeoMagic 128X chipset, and there
was actually no X server available for the chipset.  So...I wound up
letting the install format and reinstall, from scratch.  Now, of
course, it works.<G>

Oh, well...can't have everything, I guess.  There was nothing
important installed on this particular installation, but it would be
nice if this didn't happen next time around.

It would also be nice if Ximian would put out Helix-Gnome for 7.1,
but I know they're still working on it. <G>

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