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Re: Installation of xfs in RH 7.1

To: Ajay Shekhawat <ajay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Installation of xfs in RH 7.1
From: "Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:32:08 -0400
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Ajay Shekhawat wrote:
> Now that you mention it :-), I've been looking at a stable
> filesystem for an NFS server to serve a 300GB+ partition.

I wouldn't be so worried about XFS in that regard, but the 2.4
kernel itself.  I'd wait another 2-3 months before adopting 2.4 on a
server -- but that's just me (but I am running 2.4+XFS on
workstations, including this one).

If you want an "interim/working" solution I'd look at kernel 2.2
with Ext3 and the NFS3 patches.  The VALinux kernels are great, and
I'm running with my main fileservers in such a configuration.  Best
of all, Ext3 can be reversed back to Ext2, so you can boot the new
XFS kernel and setup new FSes with XFS and transfer the data over
when you move to XFS.

If you are interested in 2.2+Ext3+NFS3, I'll post the URLs (plus I
need to finish off my HOWTO ;-).

> My timings with these tests are given below, along with the
> specs on the machine and the RAID system. But before I get
> into that: I tried creating a 5GB file under XFS and it got
> created just fine.

XFS has been _solid_ for me -- only issues I've _ever_ had were
hangs on umount/shutdown on an older Pentium Pro system and they are
resolved on reboot anyway (never a lost sector yet).  I have a
standard "3 month" testing phase before I adopt something on my more
important servers.  XFS is 1 month into it with flying colors.

> Now, the machine:
> A dual-processor P-III 1GHz machine with 2GB memory

What mainboard/chipset?

> and a Mylex extremeRaid2000 card. It has 12 36GB 10kRPM disks
> attached; of these, 1 is a spare and the other 11 are in a
> 10+1 RAID5 setup.

Those StrongARM-based microcontrollers just whip Intel's old
i960-based ones.   Sweet!

> All 4 channels of the Mylex card are used, and the stripe
> size is 64KB.

Damn fine implementation!

> Notes:
>   - ReiserFS really slowed to a crawl when creating the 1M small files
>   - time to just mkfs the ext2fs is over 12 minutes; I wonder what the
>     fsck time would be!  :-)

Did you say you were running ReiserFS with the kNFSd workarounds?

Thanx for the benchmarks!

-- TheBS

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