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Re: Kernel 2.4.3, patch 04/01 and hangs

To: GCS <gcs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Kernel 2.4.3, patch 04/01 and hangs
From: Adam Cioccarelli <alciocca@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 16:49:10 +0200 (CEST)
Cc: <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi Laszlo,

take a look at http://www.lwn.net/2001/0405/kernel.php3

"...The 2.4.3 release, in particular, has drawn a few complaints. Most
have to do with processes locking up, a problem which is still unsolved as
of this writing..."

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On Thu, 5 Apr 2001, GCS wrote:

> Hello all,
> My machine has some hanging processes since I have upgraded the kernel.
> Can someone tell me how to narrow down the problem (I think it's an XFS 
> issue)?
> Symptom: process goes to 'D' state, and the load average goes up by 1 per
> process. I can not find any process constantly running, and you can not feel
> it, but believe me my load average is 13.23. All I can do is restart the
> machine, as even signal 11 does not kill the processes.
> Thanks, Laszlo
> Ps:Should I update my kernel to the current CVS?

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